The rag and bone man was a 19th century salvage peddler ~ the recycling man of old. He took something discarded and gave it a purpose. The same concept is fundamental to what we at Rag and Bone do every day.  What is historic preservation but an effort to take places, materials, experiences, and beliefs ~ remnant heritage, material and immaterial ~ and reconnect them with the present to give new meaning and purpose, and to enrich this ever changing world with a sense of continuity with the past? 

We are heritage specialists based out of Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in material heritage conservation, adaptive reuse, architectural salvage, historic cemeteries, and advocacy in preservation.  

This blog is our exploration of advocacy issues and current events, abandoned and historic places, various aspects of preservation planning and heritage conservation, and the people, stories, and the experiences of the places we encounter in Atlanta and the Southeast, through various media, histories, and photography.